9th Annual World Naked Bike Ride Columbus 2018:

The 2018 ride will be held Saturday June 9th.

Why We Ride:

1. To highlight the vulnerability of cyclists to automobiles.

2. To protest oil dependency and car culture.

3. To celebrate all bodies and promote a more inclusive beauty standard.

Latest Photos:

How Can I Help?

This is a 100% non-profit, non-corporate, volunteer run event. Parties as great as this one aren’t cheap or easy, so we need your help!

If you have a few extra dollars you would like to contribute to helping us pull this off, you can donate at one of our tabling events such as Pinchflat or at the ride itself

If you want to help in a way that beautifies your body, promotes the ride, and gives you a chance to proselytize about the three pillars even when you aren’t biking naked you can buy one of our fabulously stylish T-shirts here:

2018 WNBR t-shirt design one
2018 WNBR t-shirt design two

All proceeds from T-shirt sales go directly into making next year’s ride bigger, better, and nakedererer than ever before.

If you’re short on cash, that’s okay! Please volunteer for the ComFest bike corral. It’s great fun to volunteer at ComFest, Volunteering for the bike corral directly helps the world naked bike ride. Volunteers ensure ComFest is bicycle accessible, get to hang out with other nudie cyclists, and are compensated in valuable food/beverage tokens.

To benefit WNBR please specify that you are volunteering for the bike corral.  

 Volunteer Signup is HERE

For the latest information, join our event page on Facebook.