Why We Ride

World Naked Bike Ride Columbus:

World Naked Bike Ride Columbus is our city’s branch of the world’s largest naked event promoting cycling in the history of humanity. Columbus has been home to the World Naked Bike Ride since 2010. WNBR is a nude or “bare as you dare” large group bicycle ride staged as a type of political theatre to protest the prevailing car culture and dependence on fossil fuels. We wear nothing to demonstrate the perils cyclists put themselves at risk of everyday (flesh vs. steel) when we face unsafe, uneducated, drivers in an infrastructure that is centered on automobiles instead of pedestrian and bicycle traffic. We wear our smiles because we are on our bikes and that makes anyone smile, and we are naked and in seeing all types of people and bodies we see that all bodies are beautiful for what makes them different because we are all people, we are all important, and we all have a story. We ride because we care about ourselves and our city and our environment, it’s a protest, and also a celebration, it’s an intention.