Previous Year’s Art:

2010 (troll flier) By Megan Day
2011(2 flier designs, girl with bike and flowers and 2 cyclists) both by Sarah Nicole
2012 ( hair bike girl) by Sarah Nicole ( the very first tees very very limited edition by  Bryan Nicholaus Grey
2012 Limited edition tee by Bryan Nicholaus Grey
2013 (2 designs, girl,  and punk dude) by Bryan Nicholaus Grey
2013 Tee by Bryan Nicholaus Grey
2014 (Chimp,) by Ryan Place (coordinating themed tees by Bryan Nicholaus Grey)
2015 ( tandem crash test dummies) by Sabrina von Netzer (coordinating themed tees by Bryan Nicholaus Grey)
2015 Pinchflat Poster by Bryan Nicholaus Grey screen printing by Jason Cleveland
2015 Tee by Bryan Nicholaus Grey
Be nice to the bike decal by Sarah Nicole
2016 shirt and flier design by Sabrina von Netzer