Prepare for the Ride:

Tips for a Great Naked Bike Ride

What to bring:
– your ID! You must be 18 to ride, 21 to drink
– a bag for your clothes
– small bag/fanny pack/creative solution for carrying ID, keys with you
bike lock, helmet, working bike lights
– snacks, beverages, anything else you will want after the ride
– cash for merch/donations/food. The ride is free to participants but there are real costs all covered by donations and real work covered all by volunteers. If you want to make the message louder and the ride bigger, please consider making a donation.

Helpful Tips:

– Get creative! We encourage fun accessories and decorated bikes. You don’t HAVE to be completely naked—it’s bare as YOU dare—but naked riders will be in good company.

– We recommend you wear shoes throughout the ride.

– Remember: stay hydrated.

– Check your bike BEFORE the ride to make sure it is in safe rideable condition. Make sure your tires are properly inflated! Your local bike co-op or bike shop will know how to help you.

– This is not a race; it is a slow ride with many participants at a parade pace.

– Be respectful to both spectators and police. This is a peaceful, happy protest. WE LOVE BIKES and we want to show it!

– Make signs and flags to bring on the ride to tell spectators why we ride! Click here to find cheeky slogans and ideas or better yet, make up your own!

– While you may feel like your cat or dog would love to attend World Naked Bike Ride, we feel that this event is a bit overwhelming for even the most amazing animals and we ask that you please keep your pet at home. Thank you.

Prepare to have an amazing time with positive people on bikes in bodacious bodies!

Prepare for the Ride